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正规手机网赌软件,L.L.C. (“PRG”)同意提供设备(“设备”)和服务, if any, (“服务”)根据本《正规手机网赌软件》条款向客户(“客户”)提供服务. PRG包括在美国的所有品牌和所有地点. Any Scope of Work, Quote, Bid, Proposal, PRG出具的发票或类似文件(各为“SOW”), 在这些文件下工作在哪里进行, 是否被客户认可并在本合同中成立. 除非在SOW中特别提到每个事件的协议, 本协议自签署之日起一年内有效, 并且会再续签一年, 除非在SOW中特别提到, 或由任何一方以书面形式终止.


1. The “Rental Term” shall begin on the date the Equipment leaves PRG’s warehouse and shall end when the Equipment is returned to PRG at the place designated by PRG. 设备和服务的费用,如适用,在SOW中规定. PRG可能要求设备的保证金. 在此情况下,客户进入PRG的工作地点进行准备, 包装或拾取设备, 客户同意遵守所有PRG的安全和健康协议, to be provided.


2. PRG表示,所有设备将保持良好的工作状态. Client shall be responsible to inspect the Equipment and immediately notify PRG of any Equipment determined to be missing or not in good working condition. 除非本合同另有明确规定, PRG对该设备不作任何保证或陈述, 包括但不限于, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OR AGAINST INTERFERENCE OF INFRINGEMENT OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY NOT EXPRESSLY AGREED TO IN WRITING.


3. PRG’s sole obligation and liability to Client in the event of any malfunction or failure of the Equipment solely caused by PRG shall be to repair the Equipment or provide Client with the same or similar Equipment.


4. 除非PRG明确认为是SOW中服务的一部分, 在整个租赁期内,客户负责设备的使用. Client assumes all risk in the use and operation of the Equipment and shall be responsible for providing safety devices and equipment to safeguard users of the Equipment and complying with all federal, 国家和地方法律或法规, 所有的行业标准. 客户同意不会移除或永久覆盖设备上显示PRG所有权的标签或铭牌. Client shall not make any alterations or additions to the Equipment and may not disassemble the Equipment except to the extent necessary to replace consumables.


5. The Equipment must remain at the venue(s) as set forth in the SOW and may not be transferred without the express prior written approval of PRG. It shall be lawful for PRG or its agents at all reasonable times to enter the premises where the Equipment is kept for the purpose of assessing the condition of said Equipment.


6. 本协议不是出售. 客户不得拥有或在任何时候获得任何占有的权利, 包括通过使用而拥有, loss, 设备损坏或未能归还. 设备的所有权应始终属于PRG. 客户同意不以质押、抵押或任何其他方式拖累设备.


7. 客户应赔偿PRG的维修费用(包括运费), labor and parts) which are required due to any damage to the Equipment occurring during the Rental Term (other than damage which, PRG的判断, 是由于日常使用或PRG的行为). 如果任何或所有设备损坏,无法修理, 租赁期间丢失或被盗的, 客户同意向PRG偿付设备的全部重置价值(不扣除折旧). Client further agrees to be responsible for rental costs of the lost or damaged Equipment until such time as Equipment is replaced or repaired.


8. 在租赁期限结束或提前终止时, 客户应自行承担费用, 设备完好无损地交付和归还给PRG, 合理的磨损除外. PRG应在设备归还后的合理时间内通知客户任何损坏或损失. 在租赁期间,客户应对设备的任何损坏负责.


9. If applicable, 客户端单独负责存储和清除任何和所有映像(以任何形式), 或任何其他内容或客户数据(“客户数据”), 在设备归还之前. 设备归还时, PRG可清洗设备上的任何客户数据, 但PRG无义务保存或删除任何客户资料. PRG shall not be responsible for disclosure of Client Data due to the re-rental of Equipment previously used by or on behalf of Client. PRG不对未记录的客户数据或因任何原因造成的客户数据丢失负责, 包括但不限于, 技术故障, physical damages, 或PRG员工的错误, agents, representatives, 承包商或分包商.


10. 客户同意在租赁期内为设备投保. 就本节而言, PRG各方指PRG, its parent, affiliates, 附属公司及其成员, managers, directors, 雇员和代理.
a)客户应投保以下保险:承保业务的商业一般责任保险(或同等保险), 完成运营和产品责任, 人身伤害责任与广告伤害, 以$1为限,000,每次$ 000,$2,000,总计000, naming PRG Parties as an Additional Insured on a primary basis and waiver of subrogation in favor of PRG Parties; evidence of Workers Compensation insurance in statutory limits including Employers Liability with a limit of $500,000; and Property insurance on Equipment, 在“一切险”的基础上, 包括风暴, 洪水和地震灾害, 以及运输中的损失, in an amount not less than the full replacement value (NOT rental value) of the Equipment (without deduction for depreciation) naming PRG Parties as Loss Payee. 如果客户从PRG地点取回设备, 商业汽车责任保险也应被要求, 以不少于500元为限,000 per accident.
(b)客户承认其独自负责支付任何所需保险的任何免赔额. PRG保留根据赛事价值和赛事类型增加这些限制的权利. An umbrella or excess liability policy may be used in conjunction with primary coverage limits to meet the minimum required limits. 有效的、符合规定的保险证明,证明承保范围, terms, 免赔额数量, and indicating coverage for transit and offsite coverage must be submitted to PRG prior to the release of any Equipment or Services. If necessary, PRG将提供一份保险证明, 为使PRG履行其服务而提出的合理要求.


11. (a)本协议另有规定的除外, 任何一方不履行其在本协议项下的任何义务均属不可抗力, 在某种程度上,而且只是在这种表现不可能被火点燃的情况下, flood, earthquake, 自然因素或上帝的行为, acts of war, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, 罢工(不履行方或其分包商除外), 政府行为, 失败的供应商, 包括供应链和制造商问题, 第三方运输和劳动力短缺(非由一方造成), 或任何其他超出履约方合理控制范围而使之不可能发生的类似原因, 提供服务或举办活动是不可取或不合法的, and the nonperforming Party continues to use commercially reasonable efforts to recommence performance whenever and to whatever extent possible. 在不可抗力的情况下, 客户应赔偿PRG实际发生的费用, PRG同意采取商业上合理的措施来降低此类成本. (b) PRG shall not be liable for late delivery caused by Client’s failure to provide information relevant to the Equipment or Services or comply with this Agreement or Force Majeure.


12. 未使用的设备将不予考虑. 除非PRG另行书面同意, Client is responsible for all costs in shipping the Equipment and for ensuring that the Equipment is appropriately stored and transported.


13. 客户将负责支付额外费用的任何额外服务和设备不包括在SOW. 如果延迟归还设备,客户将按PRG当前的日费率支付. Client will incur cancellation fees in the event of any cancellation occurring within 10 days of the start of the Rental Term as follows: 4-10 days = 50% of Fee due; Under 3 days= 100% of Fee due. 如在活动前10天以上因任何原因而取消活动, 客户应支付PRG所有实际发生的费用.


14. 除非在SOW中特别提到, 定价不包括销售税或使用税, 或者运费. All taxes, withholdings, if applicable, 和运费, if any, 客户将在商定的价格之外支付. 客户同意赔偿PRG因罚款和托收而产生的任何税费.


15. 所有费用应按照SOW或发票的规定支付. 逾期归还和损坏设备,客户将承担额外费用. 除非另有约定,付款方式为货到付款. PRG将对所有逾期付款收取法律允许的最高利率. 如PRG开始收款行动, 客户将负责所有发生的费用, 包括合理的外部律师费和收款费用.


16. 如果客户拖欠付款或违反任何其他条款, 或者PRG有理由认为该设备有被查获的危险, 采取或销毁, 然后在任何情况下, PRG有权终止本协议, 并立即收回设备的所有权,并为此目的, PRG可以进入设备所在的场所并将其移走, 有或没有强制或通知, 无需对客户承担任何诉讼责任, 诉讼或其他程序.


17. The failure by PRG to insist upon strict compliance with these terms and conditions even after a breach or default by Client shall not be construed as waiver of any of PRG’s rights under this Agreement.


18. 委托人同意进行辩护, 赔偿并使PRG各方免受任何和所有责任的损害, claims, demands, actions, losses, 损害赔偿及费用(包括, 但不限于, 合理的律师费和费用)的人身伤害, 设备或其他财产的死亡或财产损坏(“损失”), in any way arising out of or resulting from any of the following: (1) the breach of any terms in this Agreement; or (2) Client’s use or possession of Equipment; or (3) Client’s negligence or willful misconduct or (4) the transport or shipping of the Equipment, (如由客户或由客户安排). 为免生疑问, 客户向PRG提供的赔偿包括人身伤害索赔的赔偿, 在设备所在的任何地点发生的内乱造成的死亡或财产, 不考虑客户在骚乱中的实际参与情况. 在本节中,客户包括其雇员, agents, 承包商或代表及受邀者, 且不包括因PRG一方的重大过失或故意不当行为而引起的损失的赔偿.




20. 除非经PRG书面同意,客户不得转让本协议.


21. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and venue and jurisdiction shall be vested exclusively in a court of competent jurisdiction sitting in Los Angeles County, CA. Both parties agree to accept service of process within or without the State of California in any matter relating to this Agreement. The prevailing party in any such litigation or action shall be entitled to its costs of suit and reasonable outside attorney’s fees.


22. 如本协议有一项或多项规定, 或将任何条款适用于任何一方或任何情况将被视为无效, 在任何方面不可强制执行或非法的, 本协议的其余部分将继续有效,并完全有效.


23. PRG明确拒绝客户提交的任何形式或其他文件, 包括订单条款和条件. 任何试图修改, 除非PRG书面同意,否则对本条款和条件的补充或修改将无效.


24. This Agreement, including the SOW, contains the entire understanding between the parties and may not be modified except in a writing signed by both parties appended hereto. 这些条款和条件将具有约束力, and Client shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein when (a) Client has received a copy hereof and (b) Client accepts any of the Equipment or Services.


接受任何设备, 客户有责任在良好的工作状态下及时归还设备.
由于严重的产品和零件短缺, 和运输问题, OUR DISTRIBUTORS, 制造商和服务提供商正在经历长期的延误. 此外,许多制造商经历了工厂和仓库关闭,这将影响交货日期.
在此协议签署之前,PRG不能保证价格.O. 是否发出并支付定金.交货日期无法保证.